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Certification FCU

From outcrops to seismic acquisition and interpretation


Type de certification

  • Formation qualifiante


  • Environnement, géosciences



Code FC

  • H012


The aim of the training is:
1) to provide geologists –in particular those working on seismic interpretation– with an opportunity to get some better understanding of the whole chain of acquisition and processing of geophysical data.
2) to provide geophysicists working on acquisition, processing and/or interpretation of geophysical data with new skills in the field of geology, deep-sea terrigenous sedimentation, gravity processes and turbidite systems.


Data acquisition:
• Seismic acquisition at sea:
- Acquisition of seismic profiles across the Ligurian margin and the modern Var turbidite system
- Tests of acquisition parameters: effects on the quality of seismic profiles
• Field geology:
- Observation and analysis of proximal-distal architectures along the fossil Contes-Peïra Cava turbidite system belonging to the Annot Sandstone Formation (Eocene-Oligocene)
- Observation and analysis of mass-transport and gravity-flow deposits
- Acquisition of lithological logs.

• Principle of seismic-reflection methods: Conference
• Resolution, signal penetration, artifacts and signal analysis on a seismic profile: Conference and Workshop
• Numerical processing of seismic data: Conference and Workshop
• Seismic interpretation of profiles collected in the Ligurian basin: Workshop
• Turbidite systems and gravity-driven processes: Conference
• Integration of seismic-profiles and outcrop observations: assets and limits of the two approaches: Workshop

Effectif maximal

  • 10

Public cible et prérequis

Public et prérequis

The training is for engineers and researchers involved at any stage of geological and/or geophysical interpretation.


The training is dedicated to geologists interested in marine sciences, and more particularly wanting to acquire new skills in the field of marine geophysics and to geophysicists interested in marine sciences, and more particularly wanting to acquire new skills in the field of marine geology and sedimentology.



Upon request



5 days minimum and optionals days upon request


The training takes place on the IMEV campus (Villefranche/mer, French Riviera) of Sorbonne University. Marine acquisition will be made in the western Mediterranean, offshore Nice and field observations will take place in the Southern Alps, about an hour drive from Nice.


Upon request


  • 40 hours



Responsables pédagogiques :

Sébatien Migeon sebastien.migeon @
Jean-Xavier Dessa

Responsable ingénierie :

Roselyne FRIEDENBERG - 01 44 27 82 55

Contact administratif :

Audrey VIDAL - 01 44 27 82 82 - audrey.vidal @




  • Attestation de fin de formation